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recharging caddy,cell phone charging station,charging valet station,charging station organizer

Model # CHA004
Size 7" (d) X 4.75" (w) X 4.25" (h)
Material MDF with painting finish
Packing Each in a polybag, 4 pieces per carton

Enhance your home with the modern ease of technology without sacrificing the tradition of comfort and style. Each piece in our recharging caddy,cell phone charging station,charging valet station,charging station organizer has a dual purpose Smart Technology seamlessly connects you to high-tech accessories by keeping electronics and cords discreet while also organizing and holding household items. Sort papers and bills while recharging portable electronics with our stylish products.

They are 100% made in China , made by selected wood material with fine workmanship, under very strict quality control. Customer's satisfaction is GUARANTEED!!!

We combined all of the functions of our Cell Phone Charge Station and added the extra storage space of a valet. This attractive accessory has several recharging pods to hold and charge any of your personal electronic devices, a key/change drawer on top, and a drawer below that gives lots of extra storage space for watches, jewelry, etc. If you use it in the office, the drawer is a great place to stash memos, notes, calculators, etc. Perfect for hiding all the cords and chargers needed for cell phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, PDAs, etc. by accommodating a power strip inside the unit, so that all devices can charge off one outlet.

Thoughtfully designed for recharging cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, or game players, this desktop organizer hides cords to eliminate clutter.

Welcome to contact us today to enjoy our good quality product, excellent service and punctual delivery date etc.

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified recharge station manufacturer / factory, producing many models of recharging caddy,cell phone charging station,charging valet station,charging station organizer!

Other color choices for CHA004 mini charging valet station

mini_charging_valet_station mini_charging_valet_station mini_charging_valet_station
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 Frequently asked questions
1 What is the difference between a recharging caddy and a recharging valet :
A recharging caddy is mainly used to recharge electronics. Recharging Valets are designed as a cell phone recharging caddy, but have separate valet compartments for personal item storage.
2 What is a recharging caddy :
Not to be confused with electric vehicle charging caddies, a cell phone recharging caddy is a desktop organizer usually made from wood, that come in various shapes, sizes and colors and include a hidden compartment to store a power strip. Electronics chargers are then plugged in to the hidden power strip and cords are placed through the recharging caddy to attach to phones or other devices on the top side of the recharging caddy.
3 What electronics can be charged on a recharging caddy or Recharging valet :
Any handheld electrical device can be charged on a recharging caddy or recharging valet. Most people prefer to charge cell phones, mp3 players, PDA's, digital cameras, Bluetooth devices, Blackberry PDAs, etc. Mainly any type of electronics that will fit within the recharging area provided.

What recharging caddy is right for me :
If you're having a hard time choosing, Consider the following factors:
a. amount of electronics you own
b. If one recharging caddy will be enough to hold what you need to charge.
c. Do you need a recharging caddy for home; Would a recharging caddy be ideal for work
c. What special occasions do you need a great gift for
Think about all aspects and consider the style that best suits you.

5 What are charging caddies made out of :
Most charging caddies and recharging valets are made from wood. However, some styles can come in leather and plastic.
6 Do all charging caddies include a power strip :
It's an option for you, please advise your requirements regarding this when you send us an inquiry!
7 How fast will my order ship :
Orders normally ship in about 45 business day. After your order ships you will receive tracking information and instructions on how to track your order. Please provide a valid email address to ensure tracking delivery.
8 What is your minimum order quantity :
Usually, we accept a 20FCL as MOQ, if you need a small volume to test the market, please communicate with us!
9 What is your Payment terms :
a. 30% deposit beofe production, 70% upon the faxed copy of the B/L.
b. Irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight.

What is the nature of your company:
We are a direct manufacturer / factory and also an exporter with more than 40 years of production experience, which is invested by Taiwanese. As a manufacturer & factory, we maintain high quality standards under the ISO9001(2000version) system.

11 I have an question not posted here, how do I contact Victory :
For the fastest service possible, please send us an email. You are guaranteed a response within 2 days(Monday - Friday). Visit our Contact Us page for additional information.
12 What is a Charging Valet? - Do you ever feel as though you have too many electronic devices with wires everywhere? I know my desk can often be a tangled mess of cords from my cellphone charger, mp3 player, camera cords and so on. There actually is a solution to this issue, and it is called a charging valet. What is a charging valet? This unique product keeps all of your electronic devices together so that they can be recharged while avoiding cluttering your house or office. Many charging stations have a very refined and sophisticated design so they can actually improve the look of your table or desk. Often they include stacked shelves inside upon which you can put your various items. A charging station eliminates exposed wires that can look so ugly. The cords for the different items can be fed through holes on the back of the charging valet.
13 How does a Charging Valet Work? - A charging valet usually has one power strip. To set it up you need to make sure that the large plug sizes all fit comfortably. You will also need to feed the various cords from your devices into the back of the charging valet station. Once you have your valet set up properly, it should end up saving you time. Not only will it reduce clutter, it will help you stay organized. There are various types of charging valets that not only look different, but also that hold more or less devices. This charging station looks great and is a wood with a cherry finish. It also includes a drawer to hold things like watches. If you are looking for a smaller charging valet, a good choice would be the Mini Charging Valet. There are also recharging station for mp3 players, digital cameras, PDAs, cell phones, etc. Put it on your dresser, desk, or entryway table.
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